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Month: April 2016

The Butterfly Summer by Harriet Evans reviewed for lovereading


A beautiful read about family secrets, lost love and an inheritance that casts a long shadow. A beguiling book with a genuine twist at the end that I didn’t see coming!


This is a fantastic book. It’s contemporary fiction that is also a rollicking, good story; part mystery, part family saga but so much more.
Nina Parr is the central character we follow on a journey to uncover a mysterious family legacy with plenty of twists and turns along the way. She meets an old woman who tells her that the father she believed dead is in fact alive and that there are other aspects of her family history that have been hidden from her. Nina has a failed marriage behind her and a semi-detached mother who she lives with in a rambling house. She begins a search for the truth that leads her to a discovery of the mysterious legacy of Keepsake a property shrouded in mystery and family secrets.
I can see this book being the holiday read of choice around pool sides this summer but don’t be fooled that it’s a regular ‘chick-lit’ read, as it deals with some pretty big themes and is gripping and affecting throughout.
The book is beautifully written and although I think I’m pretty wise to potential twists coming a mile off, I really didn’t see the one right at the end coming!
A beguiling read that will fly off the shelves this summer.