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Month: February 2016

Missing pieces by Heather Gudenkauf. Reviewed for lovereading

Small town thriller provides plenty of twists and turns. Sarah and husband Jack return to his hometown following a family emergency and find their marriage under threat as secrets resurface.

This thriller about small town secrets and a woman’s search to find out the truth about the husband she thought she knew and his family, is fast-paced and tautly written and doesn’t let up until the final denouement.
Sarah returns to her husband Jack’s hometown following his aunt’s involvement in an accident and soon realises that the tragic events from his childhood that he shared with her, may not be the full picture.
Heather Gudenkauf cleverly builds the suspense and red herrings so that by two-thirds of the way through the book, you’re not sure who or what to believe. I personally would have liked a bit more background to Sarah and Jack’s relationship and life together back in Montana, prior to their trip to Penny Falls but that is a minor quibble and I guess was a necessary omission in order to keep the action coming and momentum flowing.
If you like murder mysteries with an intriguing cast of potential suspects and a sympathetic main character with a rollercoaster ride of discovery, then you’ll enjoy this book and the pages will fly by.


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