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Month: September 2014

The Merchant’s House – Kate Ellis

merchants houseI’m pleased to say that this is the first in a series featuring Westcountry detective, Wesley Peterson. Set in the fictional seaside town of Tradmouth, this is a series (I’ve also read Ellis’s ‘The Jackal Man’ as it is loosely based on Castle Drogo) which has it all; great locations, clever plotlines, interesting characters and a sympathetic leading man.

This story in particular weaves between an archaeological mystery and a contemporary murder investigation. The modern day parallels might be a little overstated but it still works as an enticing murder mystery and like me you’ll want to keep reading.

Paris – Edward Rutherfurd

parisI thoroughly enjoyed one of Rutherfurd’s previous books; ‘New York’ (for obvious reasons!) so was looking forward to getting stuck into this weighty tome also. Unfortunately I didn’t find it as interesting. I don’t know Paris as well so maybe that’s one factor but primarily I think it was because the switching from family to family and from time period to time period was just too bitty and unengaging in this novel.

The book is is concerned with four families from four different social classes who interact in different times with Paris of course as the unifying backdrop. It is as much an epic story of families as it is about the history. It’s mildly diverting but overall fairly dull. I’m still interested enough in this writer to check out some of his other works; ‘London’ and ‘Sarum’ for instance as I do like the concept.