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Month: February 2014

Review: Arms Wide Open by Tom Winter (Reviewed for lovereading)

A poignant and poetic depiction of a family as dysfunctional as any other, struggling to make sense of their place in the world and what life is all about. Tom Winter’s use of language is exquisite and there are so many quotable, pithy extracts I would love to have included in my review but for copyright and brevity!
Meredith and Jack are non-identical twins with a mother being lost to dementia and a father who is presumed dead. Meredith’s husband has left her and their two children; Jemima and Luke who all find their own ways of coping with life. Meredith overfills the house with plants, Jemima escapes into a fantasy world of pseudo online dating profiles and Luke collects unusual things in his quest to understand people.
Meanwhile, Jack is experiencing a change that begins to define who he is and who he will become.
Over the course of the book we learn more about Meredith and Jacks’ childhood and begin to understand how their upbringing has impacted on their lives and characters.
Like his first novel, ‘Lost and Found’, Tom Winter makes us care and root for his characters despite their fallibility and imperfections.
Although the book deals with some quite serious subjects ranging from early-onset dementia to bullying and online safety, it does so with wit, lyricism and hope of redemption.
Throw your arms out wide to this book!

Publisher: Corsair
ISBN-10: 1472101685
ISBN-13: 978-1472101686

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